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Strategic Database Research, Inc. (SDR) is an innovative market research company

Strategic Database Research, Inc. (SDR) is an innovative market research company specializing in business-to-business, or business-to-consumer call programs. Our telemarketing group is designed as a proactive targeted outbound telesales group which "turns opportunities into business."

We believe our marketing system is absolutely the most cost-effective method to reach the target market or audience you desire and our track record proves it. It will allow you to communicate with those potential customers that have current interest in what you offer as well as those who hold existing or potential lifetime value.

Strategic Database Research Inc.Building information

Building information, i.e., "intellectual capital", can become a powerful tool if managed and utilized effectively. Remember, who your customer is today may not be who your customer is tomorrow!

There is no methodology existing today which can communicate to more customers and better customers than through the use of our technology, personal relationships, market research and reinforced marketing programs.

Good decisions are based on good market research and good market data----That's SDR's goal.

Our Company History

Founded in 1996, SDR's primary purpose is providing cost efficient inbound and outbound business-to-business proprietary, telesales and market research call programs. It takes more than telephones and technology to deliver a cost-effective call program. It requires people, leadership and a commitment to quality performance. Utilizing our services can help increase your marketing, sales efficiency, effectiveness and profitability.

SDR uses a state-of-the-art call center system that enables our team to fully customize a promotion or campaign on your behalf. All scripts and questionnaires are developed based on our clients' goals and objectives. Before any of our call programs go out to the floor, we conduct numerous tests on the flow, total understanding of the program, etc. This allows us to track and precisely record the results of each call.

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