Appointment Setting / Sales Blitz / Sales Mission

Appointment Setting / Sales Blitz / Sales Mission

Appointment Setting has been the keystone of generating new business from the beginning of time. There are very few businesses that do not use telemarketing for appointment setting in some shape or form. Many businesses invest over 90% of their marketing budget in appointment setting.

Why? Because it works!

There is nothing stronger, nothing more effective than a face-to-face meeting. The likelihood of closing a sale dramatically increases when you consult with a prospect face-to-face. And we make sure your sales people are meeting only with highly qualified prospects.

By scheduling qualified appointments for your sales force, we can increase your number of qualified selling opportunities. Our team is trained to systematically canvas territories and set appointments with only those prospects who have a current need for your product or service.

SDR's services include:

  • Contacting decision makers to schedule appointments or send literature
  • Following-up on mailings to set appointments with decision makers who are ready to buy
  • Leveraging sales trips by scheduling appointments to fill gaps in travel itineraries.

SDR believes that a successful sales blitz and/or mission takes more than showing up in a city and making sales calls. This process takes weeks and sometimes even months of planning to make it successful.

We do everything from identifying clients and prospects, pre-qualifying them, scheduling the calls, organizing, developing appointment booklets, mapping out of calls, and confirming appointments prior to arriving.

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