Cold Calling for New Client Acquisition (Lead Generation)

Lead Generation

Cold calling - two words that strike fear in the heart of even the most experienced salesperson. Most salespeople despise it. In a recent survey, salespeople were asked what they hated most about their jobs. Cold calling won by a landslide.

But cold calling is a great, inexpensive way to generate new clients and increase your business. It takes a special kind of person to excel in cold calling. Cold calling is tough, tedious work and requires good communication skills, persistence, and thick skin.

SDR's mission is to do your cold calling for you and then provide the information that will lead you to your "Golden 10%" - those prospects actively seeking your product or service with a budget in place.
SDR's pipeline management service provides clients with an on-going stream of hot qualified leads. By sending collateral information and through continuous contact with your targeted database, we are able to maintain a pipeline to your hot prospects and report results to you immediately.

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