Hotel Management Company Support Services

Hotel Management Company Support Services

We understand how difficult it can be to service and manage multiple hotel properties.

When those properties are limited service hotels it can be even more challenging to find support services that are affordable and show measurable results. Some of your hotels may even have special needs ---if they are new in the marketplace or if they are having challenges with occupancy, or stealing market share from local competitors.

SDR specializes in sales support for limited service hotels by uncovering, developing, and building new transient and group meeting business.

We realize that many times Limited Service Properties, or companies like yours that manage multiple properties may have a smaller budget to work with---especially in the current economy.

While this type of service was typically out of reach from a budget standpoint, now SDR offers an affordable option with an immediate return on investment.

Before your properties invest in advertisements or other marketing tools that cannot measure results, learn more about our services. While our Backyard Business Builder Programs are geared to a specific hotel property our Lead Generation and Regional Sales Blitz Programs allow you to pool resources from multiple properties.

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