Limited Service Hotel Support Services

Limited Service Hotel Support Services

Some of our best customers are Limited Service Hotels.

Yes, Limited Service Hotels are "limited" by many things - Budgets, Sales Staff, and Time. But they are NOT limited by their imagination!

Over the years we have worked closely with many of the major hotel brands-both limited service and extended stay.

This type of Sales Support is no longer out of reach for your property.

Programs are designed

  • for Hotels on a budget
  • for Hotels with limited or no Sales Staff
  • to provide measurable return on investment

Learn more about our Backyard Business Builder and our Mini Sales Blitz Options.

With Backyard Business Builder SDR creates a targeted database of backyard accounts, key demand generators and top employers and qualifies them specifically for our hotel. The lead generation component of the program uncovers immediate opportunities as well as potential site inspections. Upon completion your hotel is provided with a powerful database for marketing on an ongoing basis.

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