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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

One of the most valuable tools to evaluate your operating procedures and overall customer service. We will help you develop a series of questions which will help your customer evaluate a product or service. You may want to conduct a one-time survey regarding a specific event or product, or we can conduct monthly or quarterly surveys for customers who use your product or service on an ongoing basis.

Ongoing survey results can be weighted to ensure that they can be compared accurately to one another. Thus, you can track changes as your company makes an effort to improve a product or service over time. This will also help you keep in touch with your customers' perception of you. Ultimately, it will let your customers know that you care. Surveys can be administered online or by telephone.

Seminar & Conference Evaluation Surveys

SDR's Seminar and Conference Follow-Up Survey provides you with a unique opportunity to interface with customers. It will allow you to gain valuable feedback concerning their perceptions of your company, products, and services; their likes and dislikes; and, most importantly, what they would like to see you add or improve for the next event.

SDR's Evaluation Follow-Up Surveys are an indispensable tool when planning a customer seminar or conference. The surveys will assist you in collecting information before, during, and after the event. When used correctly, our follow-up surveys can help ensure that your event is a success. They will provide a tool to help you measure the actual results versus your original expectations. They will help you understand each participants' reaction after the seminar. You will know how effective you were in getting your message across, long after the seminar or conference has taken place.

Customer Opinion Surveys

How does your customer perceive you? Companies should conduct a Customer Opinion Survey at least every six months in order to maximize marketing results among their best customers, locate new markets or "lost" markets, and be one step ahead of their competition. SDR can issue paper surveys and online surveys, which can be conducted with a current customer on site, administered by an on-site employee, or remotely via the Internet. Capturing your customers' opinions while their experiences are fresh can give you a wealth of detailed feedback.

Get a handle on what your customers are saying, thinking, and experiencing. SDR surveys are designed to give companies key insights on how to increase their customer base and market share... and surpass their competition!

Employee Surveys (Your Internal Customer!)

How do your employees, or INTERNAL Customers, perceive management, their future with the company, or their benefits and incentives? What are their ideas for how to improve the organization and what are their concerns? Studies show that how your internal customer perceives your company has an enormous impact on how your EXTERNAL customer perceives your company. This is a valuable tool in ensuring Total Customer Satisfaction. It is even more valuable when conducted as a part of the Current Customer Opinion Survey. (above)

Mystery Shopping

How do your sales representatives or your organization's overall image match up to the competition in customer service and presentation? Find out where you have the competitive edge over similar organizations and where you can improve your rating. Our interviewers will contact your competitors and "shop" them, given the specific criteria you are looking to capture. We will then analyze the responses for you.

Blind Studies

We can contact a random sample of current or past customers that may use competing products or services. When conducting a "Blind" Study, we will not divulge the name of the client who is paying for the survey. Therefore, the results will be unbiased and respondents may be more open and honest when providing ratings and comments regarding you and your competitors.

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