Program Benefits Derived from Utilizing SDR's Services

Benefits of Outsourcing
SDR uses a state-of-the-art call center system

SDR uses a state-of-the-art call center system that enables our team to fully customize a promotion or campaign on your behalf. All scripts and questionnaires are developed based on our clients' goals and objectives.

Before any of our call programs go out to the floor, we conduct numerous tests on the flow, total understanding of the program, etc. This allows us to track and precisely record the results of each call.

Program Benefits Derived from Utilizing SDR's Services

We become an extension of your sales organization, freeing up your sales force's time and increasing overall productivity! ("We do the fishing while your sales force does the catching")

  • We have highly trained interviewers who understand the methodology and specifics of your program!
  • We customize all scripts and questionnaires based upon your needs!
  • We perform all programs on a proprietary basis!
  • We target prospective customers more effectively!
  • We find new growth and emerging market opportunities!
  • We do a complete geographic breakdown by both market segment and vertical segment!
    (Enabling you to fish where the fish are)
  • We build, manage and develop your information, creating "intellectual capital!"
  • We perform data mining and segmentation!

SDR knows that reducing your sales cycle and increasing your overall productivity leads to a healthier bottom line.

Understanding the needs, style and goals of your sales people creates the dynamic that leads to a successful partnership.

Call Center - Telemarketing

Reasons to Outsource:

  • Improve company focus
  • Gain access to World Class capabilities
  • Free internal resources
  • Obtain resources not available internally
  • As markets change and shift, ability to change rapidly
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