Questions about our Prospecting Programs?

Here are some of our frequently asked questions:

  • How much do programs cost?

    Due to their proprietery nature, there is no set cost of our programs. Program cost is contingent on the set goal of the project (Either calling hours, amount of records terminated, or annual contract) and the features or requirements you opt in for. To start a conversation and get a quote, reach out to us via direct message from our contact page, send us an email to, or call us directly at (561) 395-8807.

  • SDR gathers lists from our own internal database based on your prefered targets and market. We are also able to incorporate old records from your CRM or other data sources of previous, lost, or "wish list" accounts for further personalized prospecting.

  • Our outbound business-to-business call programs will canvas your organization's market in a way that other methods cannot. We have the ability to research and find companies you never knew existed locally, and can assist you in getting your foot in the door to companies who may have previously shut you out. Whether trying to find a decision maker locally or nationally, a phone call is the most personal and effective introduction in any marketing effort. Our phone calls also act as a branding method every time we call on your behalf; we are getting your name out there in the marketplace!

  • Program set-up typically takes between one to two weeks as we gather all required training materials, build a targeted prospecting database, customize a qualifying script, and activate your project in our system. Along the way, we will be reaching out to you to discuss your training materials, expectations, and follow up processes throughout your program.

  • When we uncover a potential lead or qualifying prospect, SDR reviews it thoroughly within our own internal Quality Control process. Once a lead passes our quality control, you will recieve an email with an attached document detailing our findings. Additionally, throughout the program you will also recieve weekly reports which contain a summary of the to-date prospects of your program and any other information regarding the program's status.

  • If you are interested in a call program, please reach out to us via direct message from our contact page, send us an email to, or call us directly at (561) 395-8807 to schedule an initial consultation and discuss the perfect program options for you. SDR will then draft a Work Order based on your specific needs which you will need to sign and send back. An invoice will be sent and once initial payment is received, SDR will begin your program setup!

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